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​​​​​​​Cùra is a badger whose name in Gaelic means 'guardian', who lives in The Scottish Highlands and who is very old, very wise and not always to be trusted especially in matters concerning food. His dedication is to preserving his family - his badger clan, his home and the natural world. He can also be a very good  friend when you most need one.
Taken from the character Cùra in 'Moonrise Over Seven Continents' part of The Heartstone Odyssey trilogy by Arvan Kumar, published by Allied Mouse and used with permission.
The Picts gave the badger a high place in their beliefs and used the name Brocan, derived from Broc (badger), for their 'wise men' before they adopted Christianity. Preceding them the Celts who also termed the badger 'Broc' saw them as one of the ultimate embodiments of determination and bravery.
In spirit animal beliefs badgers have several meanings and a constant identity of fearlessness and determination. One role they have been given is that they can pursue and uncover the truth even if it is hidden.
​​​​​​​Cùra - Gaelic, 'guardian' or 'protector'. Stories from wild Scotland and beyond. When culture, history and science say the same things they should be heard.
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